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According to the National Association of State Units on Aging, the senior demographic is an escalating population. From 35.3 million in 2000, the number has grown to 40 million in 2010 and estimated to reach 53.5 million in 2020. These sheer numbers alone will severely strain and perhaps overload the capacity of current aging information programs. Assuming an increase in Information & Referral, contacts proportionate to population growth, by 2020 information and assistance calls could nearly double to 20 million.

If you are a merchant/professional who provides goods and services to this population, you will want to target these consumers. Aging Information Network knows these potential customers are looking for you and we want to connect you to them in a manner that is consumer friendly with accurate information about your business. Consumers are at the most critical stage of the buying cycle, when they are choosing businesses and company products for the elderly.

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